Fraudulent site2

    Hypertv scam site are now


    thanks I'll keep it in mind.


    Hi....yeah...I've just been done out of £300 through this site.....DON'T BUY ANYTHING.....totally bogus


    Hi....yeah...I've just been done out of £300 through this site.....DON'T … Hi....yeah...I've just been done out of £300 through this site.....DON'T BUY ANYTHING.....totally bogus

    I'm sorry for your loss.
    What happened?

    Kitchenapplianceworld scum have done me out of £900, livid with myself for being so stupid. Very expensive lesson learnt.

    Original Poster

    Email to nat west..
    Ive reported this scam to action fraud and my bank barclays case ref no. 20170523355682 and they are in the process of contacting you to ask for the money back but I'm not confident you will pay, even thou i called you and you promised you had "secured" the account im PERSONAL DETAILS HIDDEN your customer insisted their system was down and i had to send them �xxxx direct transfer for my new TV to nat west account 60-01-33 51104490 ref 2547 hyperT id like to ask what processes and procedures you have undertaken to retrieve my money as you would by now know that the company was fraudulent in nature and I need proof that you have opened the account legally before I go to the ombudsman. - I cannot find them on the company register but they do exist on the web - it smells. a log of these peoples fraud is listed on this website Bank accounts associated with electronic goods scams

    i got a m8 to try and get my miney back for me but nothing so far. he thinnks that they fraudsters are now !!! how can they do this again? why dont police help.

    We have been contacted by a few people who have 'bought' items from kitchen appliance world or halifax appliance world - each time the person has paid by bank transfer
    We are Appliance world Halifax Ltd and unfortunately have to tell these people it is a SCAM
    The address is not a real company and the whitegoods are not real.
    We urge people who buy over the internet to pay via a card or paypal NEVER BANK TRANSFER
    We have an ebay site and that also offers protection to buyers and sellers. You can also see trading done and level of seller experience / sales made etc also check comments / feedback
    If it looks too good to be true and is off a non checked website it probably is phoney
    We have a store and all appliances are photographed and can been seen before purchase
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