Freddie Flintoff - another overhyped media sensation ?

    His career is seemingly over. Yes, he was a good player, but not the great he's made out to be. Shane Watson is already a far better allrounder.


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    With the news that Andrew Flintoff's 2010 cricket season is over before … With the news that Andrew Flintoff's 2010 cricket season is over before it even began - the time feels right for a look back at his career highs and lows.Click here or click the image to launch our guide.Flintoff has achieved an awful lot in cricket in his 32 years - the following pictures show the good times and the bad. Are there any we've missed? Suggest some more in the comments below.


    He was only good for a few years before the injuries set in and before that he was average. There are a lot of bowlers/wicket keepers turning into all rounders these days so he won't be missed

    He was good about 5 - 6 years ago, but the injuries kicked in and held him way back. Didn't he beat Botham's record for hitting sixes a few years back.

    Too much of a celeb for my liking now living in dubai.


    freddie who................................?
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