Free 02 complaints phone number

Found 1st Feb 2009
To all who have a worthy complaint with 02 and appear to be getting nowhere here's a number to call which is free to all 02 callers 08453300684. Please note this is not just customer services it's the management complaint department. My first post so be gentle as it took 5 months to finally get this number
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Try one of these I must admit Ive not tried these myself but worth a try. Good luck

not too sure how to state that this is for the high end complaint people in 02 not just customer services. Basically the people who 02 don't want you to talk to
This isnt a freebie its just a standard service which o2 customers dont get charged for anyway !!!

Should be in misc if anywhere at all
no the number is not available i swear. its for the managers not just customer services
A lot more use than most of the muck posted on here!

Thanks! Voted HOT HOT HOT!
cheers all i can say is try the number if you have a complaint and this department are brilliant compared to the normal script reading machines in customer services
The reason I put the link was not for a free call it was as an alternative number. If its that important try the main switchboard and as to speak to someone in high level complaints

See if anything in this link helps with your problem

should be in Misc
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