Free 0800, 0808 and 0500 calls for Mobiles using your minutes

Just received this email to allow everyone call freephone numbers really for free using your package minutes. Just thought to share it with everyone as it sounds reall worth and hot.

If you don't want to read below, it simply works by dialling a landline number which will be free from your mobile using your minutes and then key in the freephone number, or you can save it in full using algorithm 02920000800p08001234567.

I'm sure you are aware that you can't call an 0800 free-phone number for free using your mobile. We think that's wrong, so we thought about it for a while and have come up with a crafty way of making these calls for free, as they were originally designed to be.

Is it really totally free?

Yes - if you have a contract mobile package with included minutes to UK geographic numbers like 01 and 02. (Even if you use a Pay-as-you-go mobile it's normally cheaper than calling the 0800 directly; but you need to check with your provider.)

How does it work?

1. Dial our access number 029 2000 0800 (add it to your address book)
2. When we answer, just enter the 0800 number you want to call and wait to be connected.

That's it.

How can you do it for free?

We get a tiny fraction of a penny for the call from the network operator, not enough to matter but enough to cover our costs. But we mostly do it simply because we can, because it's quite cool and because we think mobile phone pricing is a rip-off.

You'll find more mobile phone workaround tricks here:…php

This works for 0808 and 0500 free-phone numbers too.

ps You don't need to be a Voipfone customer to use this trick, tell your friends; send them this email!

pps If you call an 0800 number a lot, you can save it in your address book along with the access number.

So let's say you call abc company who's number is 08001234567, you enter abc company into your mobile, with the number as:


some phones need a '+' instead of the 'p' (it adds a pause when dialling)

Kind Regards

Voipfone Customer Services

iNet Telecoms Ltd (Voipfone)
Sovereign House
227 Marsh Wall
E14 9SD
United Kingdom




Not a deal as such... moving to Misc

So doed this work OK ?


Original Poster

perhaps since 0800 are now officially made free on orders from ofcom this is no longer required....
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