Free: £1 M&Co voucher

Found 13th May 2010
I have a £1 M&Co voucher if anyone would like it for the price of a 2nd class stamp??

I know it's not much but it's just lying around and our nearest m&co is about 45mins away
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Mine's just down the street, you'd have to pay me much more than a pound to go there, or even buy anything from there, over priced? Waaaay so!!

Thanks for the offer, but on this occasion, I'm out.
if you were giving away a voucher to the value of £5 or £10, then perhaps id understand asking for the money to send it...but to give away a £1 voucher and then ask for 32p (the price of a 2nd class stamp) is a bit of a joke.

a multi id was created just to bump this thread and then delete the comment so ill assume you are on a wind up, no1 in their right mind is that desperate to save 68p as im sure you are aware

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