Free 12 month contact, free high spec phone.

Found 5th Jun 2005

Does anyone know/have any links to mobile companies that offer:

> 12 months contact free.

> Free Top-Market phone e.g. Samsung D500, Nokia 6230i, Motorola V3 ect.

The problem is that I'm not convinced by these cash back type offers, if youre getting the money back, then why pay for it in the first place?
Also I would prefer if the site offered a tariff brake down, showing all the call and text charges

Thank You, I know I'm asking for a lot


Even the 12 month free contract offers operate by you paying the monthly line rental and then claiming cash back at points during the contact. So think you would be very lucky to find someone just offering free line rental without paying for it first

To be honest, you can't get something for nothing in this area of sales, if they just gave out free contracts they might make a loss. To make it free they rely on the commissions of the networks, and I don't think they get this for a few months in. The networks currently expect you to go OVER your limit (not that you have to) and so they give the companies more than the term cost in some cases. This means the companies can make it free.

Also, I think some of the companies hope people will forget to claim the cashback at the right time. THIS IS A COMMON MISTAKE, DON'T FALL INTO THIS TRAP.

All I can say is go with a company you feel happy with, one that looks like it won't be sutting down!! MobileShop seem quite respectable (I think they're owned by a large company) and e2save is owned by the Car Phone Warehouse. Then again, don't trust me. It's like taking shares or another investment - the company could go bust or shut down the site at any time with no warning, there's always a risk in this world but sometimes it's good to take it.

I hope this little passage helps,


P.S. It's also asking for a lot if you want a CHEAP contract without casback involved, nevermind FREE!!



Original Poster


Thanks for the info, if anyone finds a deal please post it :thumbsup:
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