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Found 26th Mar 2008
18 stories for children available to download from the Classic FM website…asp?…040
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Snow Queen
Starring Joanna Lumley
Our story opens at a school. But this isn't just any old school, for hidden away amidst snowcapped mountains and glacial gorges, in a place where neither humans nor estate agents dare to tread, this school exists in the snow world with a headmistress intent on working on her brand new invention - a snowglobe. But when the enchanting snowglobe is taken into the 'real' world by the headmistress' arctic monkeys - those naughty little school children - then things get nasty, especially when there's a Snow Queen in charge.

The Three Little Pigs

Starring Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
Once upon a time there were three little pigs. One who wanted to see the world and party, one who wanted to do something arty and the third who was a little more practical and focused on his career. Nevertheless, all three pigs agree to build themselves a pad after being evicted from the Big Mother house. All is going well until the stereotypical baddie - the Wolf - comes knocking, despite CCTV and 'Bad Wolf' repellant...

The Golden Goose

Starring Harry Enfield
There was magical land where once upon a time there lived a Golden Goose. It was so beautifully, temptingly golden that people couldn’t resist trying to pluck one of its exquisite features. But as soon as they touched the bird they became stuck – there was quickly a long line of people all stuck together. A young man, who many thought wasn’t the brightest in the town, was the only person who could help. However, before he could become the hero of this tale, there were many other challenges he had to complete.
Puss In Boots

Starring Julian Clary
A talking cat! Ted had never been so aghast since the day he’d first seen ‘Tosca on Ice’. He nipped himself in the arm, closed his eyes, turned around twice and took another look.’

The Emperor's Birthday Suit

Starring Richard E. Grant

A long, long time ago there was an Emperor called Armano. He was obsessed with clothes and always had to wear the very latest fashions. He loved them so much that he insisted on changing his attire every hour. One day the Emperor heard about a new, very fine, delicate cloth. He immediately ordered some of this special material – but the Emperor’s new birthday suit wasn’t all it seemed
Brave Tin Soldier

Starring Shane Richie
Once upon a time there was a soldier but this was no ordinary soldier. He was made of tin. And as just one of a company of 25 soldiers, he only had one leg. Shane Ritchie tells the tragic tale of the brave tin soldier and his love for the toy ballerina


Starring Ashley Jensen
Will Cinderella’s ugly sister manage to squeeze her fat ugly foot into the diamond encrusted shoe? Will Cinders be doomed to the life of a skivvy to her spiteful siblings?


Starring Christopher Eccleston
Ever since he’d been a small boy, Sinbad had been enchanted by one thing and one thing alone: the sea. He would go down to the sea everyday, absolutely everyday, without fail. Sometimes he would swim in the sea. Sometimes he would simply sit and stare at it. But mostly, Sinbad loved to go down to the harbour and be amongst the ships. So sit back, relax, and let Christopher Eccleston tell you the the story of Sinbad - the adventurous sailor who travels far and wide, getting up to all manner of exploits – some of which you won’t believe...
The Princess and the Pea

Starring Samantha Morton
Prince Keith had reached 21. And in Iceland when Princes reached 21, they took ..a princess. But Keith was a choosy prince and over the last three years, he had shaken hands with more than 10,000 princesses, but he had not yet met a single princess he liked. He dreamt dreamt of meeting a unique princess... one of those whose every word feels like a snowflake.
Little Red Riding Hood
Starring Miranda Richardson
"Grandma," shouted Little Red easing the door further ajar, "Grandma, it's me Little Red". She bit her lip. Grandma didn't like her using her nickname, she perferred to call her by her real name that was... well, a voice sounded back at her, muffled and coming from the bedroom. "In here Little Red, come straight in". "Odd. Very odd. Little Red? She never calls me Little Red?
Jack and the Beanstalk

Starring Jack Davenport
You know what it’s like. Your mother asks you to go to market to sell your cow because you need some extra cash. But before you get to market you meet a friendly-looking man who offers you a fantastic deal: 5 three beans for your cow. Brilliant! You get home but mother’s none too happy with the deal. So what are you to do? If only the beans were magic, then all your problems would be solved…

Alice in Wonderland

Starring Imelda Staunton
Once upon a time there was a pleasant little girl, polite and kind, no beastliness or malice. She said thank you, she said please, thought the moon was made of cheese... and she had the unassuming name of Alice.


Starring Tom Baker
When the smoke had cleared, Aladdin noticed that there was a giant doorknob on the floor, with a giant keyhole next to it. He was beginning to get a little suspicious about his Great Uncle Mustafa. I mean, keeping fig biscuits down your girdle?’

Ugly Duckling

Starring Sanjeev Bhaskar
"Gosh," thought Mother Duck, "you’re a...well...tall one. Tall and..and quite...well...quite... turkey-like really, er, for a duck. You’d better keep your head down at Christmas..."

Little Match Girl

Starring Tamzin Outhwaite
On a cold Christmas in London Town the little Match Girl walks the streets trying to sell copies of Match Magazine to make enough money for food and to heat her run-down house. Despite the snow she sees something that puts a big smile on a face. Have some tissues at the ready for this tear-jerking story.


Starring Geoffrey Palmer
This is the story of a soldier, a witch, and a key. The key unlocks a magical ‘tinder’ room. But it’s not that simple. There are a number of doors, and behind some of them are big bad barking dogs. Which door should the soldier open? Should he trust the witch? And what is a tinder room, anyway?

Gingerbread Man

Starring Maureen Lipman
It was a seemly ordinary day for the Little Old Woman. She was feeling peckish, so she decided to bake some gingerbread men. She put all the ingredients into a big pot, cut out the gingerbread man shapes, and put them in the oven. Suddenly she heard a knocking… which seemed be coming from INSIDE the oven. The Little Old Woman Opened the doors and out jumped a real gingerbread man…

Dick Whittington

Starring Clive Anderson
This tale of medieval upheaval starts at Gloucester and involves Dick Whittington, a boy of just 13, and a nasty chap called Black Death. It tells of how at times events can drive to cut one man adrift and give another man a lift, as Dick penniless and friendless, heads out on the street with his brown cat Keith to London where they say the pavements are lined with diamonds...

Starring Robert Lindsay
Robert Lindsay tells the tale of the man who boasted to the king that his daughter could turn straw into pure GOLD. His daughter made a wish and a tiny, mischievous man appeared and transformed the straw into GOLD. But, little did she know, this funny little chap would now expect many favours in return… unless she could guess his name.
Thanks Snowtiger, good find! My daughter will enjoy these.
brilliant find snowtiger - sent link to south afrika and new zealand - you are buzzing tonite!!
Fantastic find, Rep added.
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