Free 1st Gen Iphones with contracts (and Cashback) alternative to 3g iphone?

    Curently looking for a new contract and I found this which I thought was really odd! Take a look at this site where there are several phone contracts that you can take out where you get a phone, contract and then a free unlocked iphone?! (also cashback as well)....…-2/

    I quite like the look of this one:…ne/

    Motorola RAZR2 V8 Espresso Black with Flex 35 T-Mobile web&walk for £42.50 a month and £115 cashback and a free iPhone! Bascially would sell the motorola and just use the iPhone I guess



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    It is, isnt it? Actually I think this is an even better deal:…ne/

    £30 a month with unlimited texts and 600mins for £30 a month, add web&walk for £7.50. Then you get the phone, iphone and £115 cash back!

    isnt it ONLY CPW and o2 that can sell it? nobody else.


    I spotted this same deal, this morning. Sounds dodgy as dodgy can be.

    Being originally from the same place as where these guys are apparently registered/selling from (Mansfield/Warsop) I wouldnt trust them as far as I could throw them.

    If you're that daring to try this, don't forget that they have £40 quidco for a contract as well.

    So is this legit? what do you think?

    Don't think it is...according to Anarchist :thumbsup:


    You know what they say... if its too good to be true...

    The 2nd deal is no longer available if it was id have bought it!

    The other deals seem possible as the line rental is so expensive
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