Free: 2 Bon Jovi tickets for tonight at O2 Arena, London

    I have some for tonight in O2 arena if anyone wants?

    Only for a long establised member with decent post count and please only ask for them if you will definitely use them!

    PM me your email address x


    Just wanted to say how wonderfully generous of you to give them away:thumbsup:

    did these not cost money?

    Nice one for being generous!

    what time dose it all start please

    thats very nice of you :thumbsup:


    did these not cost money?Nice one for being generous!

    Guessing not…eds

    Still a good gesture though


    Guessing not … Guessing not a good gesture though

    ffs how do I take rep back that I've given!!

    haha yeh nice gesture fo shooo

    have you still got them mrs z ?

    would love them them for dd if poss

    Original Poster

    I have 3 emails so think the tickets are gone, they are the free ones from Seefilmfirst (my mum didn't want to go) but thanks for the rep Numpty, I now have 9998 points - need to go help someone to get to 5 digits :-D

    Thanks Very Much Mrs Z!

    Hope my REP help'd you get to your milestone!


    Original Poster


    Thanks Very Much Mrs Z!Hope my REP help'd you get to your … Thanks Very Much Mrs Z!Hope my REP help'd you get to your milestone!:thumbsup:

    You're welcome, hope you have a great time

    10035 points now :-D
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