FREE 2x £1 CD-WOW vouchers. First come, first served.

Found 8th Jul 2008
I won 2 £1 vouchers from CD-WOW for correctly guessing the mens and ladies Wimbledon champions.

I wont use them and its a shame to let them go to waste so the first two people that reply can have them. One voucher per person. They expire at midnight 16th July.

Extra voucher found! Expires midnight 8 July (tonight?). Anyone want it?
- boomboom
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yes please - if still available
Can i have one please =]


yes please - if still available

That was quick! No problem andrpro, will PM you with one now :thumbsup:

Can i have one please =]thanks

PM'ing now

All gone!
Actually, just found somewhere else i can get the item i wanted for teh same price.

Please offer it to someone else

Sorry if i wasted your time
anything left?
Yes mate i no longer need it so you can have mine
Haven't PM'ed king1gazza yet so the code is still available. You want it JasonMason?
yes please
Thanks, yeh i no longer need it so i guess Jason gets it

yes please

Ok, PM'ing you now
recieved. thankyou very much
received and used Transformers £3.99
The two codes expiring at midnight 16 July have gone but I have just looked at my old emails and I have another voucher that expires midnight 8 July which I guess is tonight (it could have been last night though in which case it has expired).

If anybody is planning on buying anything today then they are welcome to it. Let me know.

recieved. thankyou very much

No problem :thumbsup:

received and used Transformers £3.99

No worries, good purchase! :thumbsup:
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