Free £4.50 UberEats credit automatically added to account (maybe account specific)

Posted 17th Sep 2019
3295661.jpgFor some reason I had £4.50 added to my account on UberEats. I had no email confirmation or other notification

This was added after I updated my bank card details

Sorry if this is account specific but worth a post just in case!
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    xtreme12317/09/2019 16:27

    Great for you but not a deal

    It was a post so other members can check if they got the credit. If it helps at least one other person then that's all that matters.
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    Great for you but not a deal (edited)
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    Lol I got 40% off 20 trips for a week max £7. I only do 1 or 2 trips a month if that now they want me to do 20 in a week loool (edited)
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    Always account specific on uber reats