Free 4K/UHD movie rental at Rakuten when you create an account for the first time.

Posted 4th Aug 2019
Hi all, I just looked at what movies were on here on my LG TV and it came up with a promotional banner saying “Try UHD 4K on us” when you open the app.
I’m sitting here as we speak watching my free film, so I hope it works for you!

Rakuten are currently offering a free UHD (also HDR) film rental when you register an account through their app on compatible LG TVs (also reported to be available on some Samsung models).

Provided you aren’t already signed in you should see a promotional banner “Try UHD 4K on us” when you open the app. Select it, enter you details (yes, they take payment details ) and voila... one free UHD rental.

If you want to browse the selection first you can check the Rakuten website, or press green on your remote from the start page to skip registering. The UHD selection is ok, nothing special, but a free film is a free film.

However, there are two points that make this a much better deal:

Despite what the promotional message says, you aren’t limited to the relatively small selection of UHD titles. Once registered all the rental titles show as £0.00
The promotion is tied to your account, not to your TV, so every time you register a new account through the WebOS app you get your “first” rental free. Simply go to settings within the app then select “Unpair account”, then reregister.
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