Free £5 donation to Haiti Disaster appeal - Best so far on the net

    I submitted this 5 minutes ago and it was deleted? I am not sure why as there is no personal gain here, so I assume it was in the wrong category.


    This is the best voluntary contribution to the Haiti Disaster that I have seen so far on the internet.

    Please do not delete as it is for a good cause and I am not using any referal scheme for personal gain.

    I always visit HotdealsUK and when I saw this, I thought it is worth joining and posting.

    Basically, I am a member of this cashback site. It is very similar to quidco, etc and costs nothing to join. In fact they pay you a joining bonus of £5.

    At current they are offering £5 to the Haiti disaster appeal for every new subscriber.

    Please note, you must join using the link on their page. They do have a referral scheme, but by using the link onthe page attatched, you forfeit this and the money (£5) goes to the Haiti appeal. As stated above, I do not stand to make anything from any referal scheme, the money goes to the appeal.

    This is my first post and I have seen how tough some of you can be, so please be gentle!. Please do not vote cold because you use another site, or because there is something you may not like. £5 is still £5, even with 100 new subscribers, could you imagine the impact. Thats more than I can ever afford to send.





    Why would a donation to a charity be considered a deal?

    You do know this is a shopping forum don't you? (I appreciate with this being your second post, you probably haven't read the rules yet.) Probably an idea to do so.

    No reason you cant post in Misc though. Theres enough haiti threads already, so one more wont matter, even though charity threads aren't allowed!

    Plus they only donate the £5 once you have earned £25.
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