Free Android & desktop password manager?

    I've looked at LastPass, Keeper, 1Password, and Dashlane, and all seem rather expensive at ~£20/year.

    Are there any free alternatives of equal functionality ie Chrome integration, online syncing (Google Drive or Dropbox fine) which work on Android? I don't mind paying a few $ a year but ten times that for a tiny bit of syncing compared to their free offerings seems a bit much. Thoughts, ideas?


    I use passwdsafe, open source and used on my desktop as well. Might not be exactly what you are looking for, but worth a look.

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    I've found and tried enpass and SafeInCloud. I can't get either to do app logins which is pretty basic, but perhaps I'm missing something

    Lastpass is free for pc, basic version not much difference to premium unless you want it on your mobile.
    I've been using it for about 5 years now. There was a scare a couple of years ago that they were hacked but I wasn't personally affected.

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    Definitely need it on mobile, two devices plus Chrome on desktop integration via extension would be best.

    TBH Google Smart Lock seems to work pretty well so far, not sure I really need a separate password I?

    I use msecure and it has never let me down. Very easy to use


    Turns out LastPass now offers syncing for free … Turns out LastPass now offers syncing for free :)

    awesome news. I pay for lastpass premium with google reward credit but might not need to next time. It really is the best i've tried. was going to say there is something similar free on amazon underground but if lastpass is free then it's the one I trust
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