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    Is it ok to Download free anitivirus online for new my laptop,


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    which is the best thou,

    AVG free edition should do the trick.

    I prefer Avast

    Avast, Spybot, Malwarebytes and Windows Defender, all free too
    I'd add ccleaner in there too as well as auslogistics de-frag

    i prefer microsoft security essentials anti virus and spybot¬¬

    Panda cloud anti virus is pretty damn good for free
    Avoid AVG !
    Always get a good pop up blocker something like the ad block add on for firefox and google chrome it blocks out the malicious adverts and pop ups before they get a chance to download.



    AVG free edition should do the trick.

    worst advice of the day award. AVG is a repair shops wet dream!

    Comodo internet security or AVAST


    worst advice of the day award. AVG is a repair shops wet dream!

    +1. Stay AWAY from AVG. Utter crap.

    Microsoft Security Essentials is my current recommendation as it's free for genuine Windows copies, it's fairly efficient and doesn't nag too much. So far I've seen it do a good job against infections catching those that both Norton and McAfee missed.

    AVG Free has become too resource heavy and nags far too much, I don't use it at all any more and seen it significantly slowing down quite a few machines which were fine with security essentials on.


    When AVG changed last year or maybe it was the year before then it would not work on my comp so I had to find a new one. I chose Avast and have been happy with it ever since. On AVG if it caught a virus I always had to put it in the vault but with Avast it catches it before it gets over to me and stops the web connection to that site and just tells me to abort connection. Its cool the virus (in many cases not always) never gets on the computer in the first place and I would have been using Avast for a lot longer if I had known how bad AVG was.

    Don't forget some banks give away free 12 month subs to paid anti virus packages if you bank with them e.g. Barclays give you the highly rated kaspersky anti virus
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