Free AVG 8.5 premium upgrade ??

    Ok im not too sure about this offer, Basically i wanted to download avg for my laptop and when I went on their website i came across this…afe
    Where their offereing a free premium upgrade if you pick one of their trial pay offers. I did try the "emusic trial pay" but they ask for your card details. Im pretty sure other "trial pay" ways of paying so the same.

    BTW I havn't gone through with this I just installed normal avg

    I jus wanted your opinion with this soooo comment awayyyy


    don't even go there...

    I did that with spyware doctor, cancelled right after I signed up (did a music download trial)
    All fine, never got charged for anything and got spyware doctor now for free.
    Might do it with AVG too as we use that anyway.
    Saw you can get it by ordering business cards for3.80 delivered from vistaprint.
    Good deal


    Basically i wanted to download avg for my laptop

    Why? Its really poor now compared to the others and lets viruses go undetected big time.
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