Free BA Flights with Lloyds Airmiles

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    New hot credit card freebie or worldwide flight companion ticket rewardsAirline cards

    Two hot new credit card deals have recently launched. With both, just do your normal day-to-day spend on the card to build up points, but only do this if you repay IN FULL every month so there's no interest. Then you reap the gain at no cost. All these cards do require you to pass their credit score.

    * Free BA Europe return incl taxes and charges. The Lloyds Airmiles Duo* effectively offers new cardholders spending £500/mth a free return flight, and for 3 mths you get 1 Airmile per £1 spent on the Amex (you also get a Mastercard) up to a max of 1,500 - enough for returns to Spain, Italy etc. This differs to the Airmiles* website deal where you only need spend £10 for a 1,500 miles voucher, but that requires you to book one hotel night via Airmiles (can be costly). Fail to fully repay and it's 15.9% representative APR. See full Lloyds Airmiles pros & cons.

    * Higher spenders free companion flight - you pay taxes and charges though. The BA Amex* is already a top pick airline rewards card as spend £20k+ a year and it gives a free companion ticket. Eg, if you get biz class to Miami so do they. Currently newbies get 3,000 bonus miles for spending £500 within 3 months (19.9% representative APR) and really big spenders can do even better. See full BA Amex pros & cons.


    I suppose you could make this work in your favour with payments out and in to qualify. Personally i wouldnt do it but its not a bad deal. That and i HATE BA

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    This is not a new deal, I have had these cards for years.

    BA= Worst airline i have used

    used to have an american express, but so many places didnt accept it

    To be fair, this offer was taken off for the past few months, so I guess it is qualified as a deal.

    Really that pretty shocking to me there are so many much worse airlines out there. I actually like ba compared to most. I'm well over 6 feet so maybe I have different priorities than other.

    This isn't the best offer out there for the Duo cards at the moment - go to and apply for the cards that way (ie. not through Lloyds TSB site) and you'll get 1500 airmiles (equivalent to one return journey to zone 2 - Barcelona, etc or 2 return journeys to Zone 1) if you spend £10 on the Amex card.

    No committed spend over multiple months to collect points - you can close the account once you've got your 1500 airmiles voucher!

    Cold for me, as there is a better deal out there atm.

    A fiver cashback at TCB on this.


    We got the cards a couple of years ago, and you are restricted with which airports. After obtaining a quote, I shopped around and found a better deal on ebookers! And they weren't free. So it's all a con.


    Moved to MISC as it's info rather than a specific deal, and it was getting a bit chilly (-63°), thanks again for posting
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