Free bag of groceries from Lidl

    Got handed a free bag of groceries from a Lidl representative earlier this afternoon! I was just about to enter the barbers when I noticed a small queue forming outside a parked black Astra and a man in a suit handing out full weighted Lidl carrier bags. I joined the queue and received mine.

    Lidl have apparently re-furbished and re-opened their local out-let in my area, hence the freebies.

    Contents of carrier bag...

    1 x Tin of Rice Pudding
    1 x Tin of Spaghetti Hoops
    1 x Pack of shortbread fingers
    1 x Bar of Swiss milk choc with chopped hazelnuts
    1 x Choc Caramel Biscuit (like a twix)
    4 x Assorted Mini Cadburys Choc
    4 x Crisps (various flavours)
    1 x Bottle of Coke
    2 x Cartons of fuit juice
    1 x Bottle of Water


    Nice one!

    Original Poster

    All the local shop keepers were rushing from their shops to join the queue, the barber included! :lol:

    Ours expanded recently but we didn't get free stuff!!

    Nice deal!
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