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Free bakery item instore on lidl app (selected accounts)

Posted 25th Aug 2022
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    Not really a deal. Standard for any who spends over £50 in a month.
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    Not on mine either. I just think the OP has hit the £50 coupon plus target on their account to trigger free bakery item coupon.
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    Onky got the happy hour 30% off
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    All I have is 30% off. Hoping I'll get a free cookie soon though as it's my birthday Sunday 😋

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    I'm so upset that the cookies have gone. They were SO good!
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    Would have been nice if the bakery section (for this past 2 weeks) were filled, it's been empty for some reason
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    It's worth reading the T&Cs on this one, I presumed (maybe based on the picture) that it was just the small items, but it includes pretty much all the fresh stuff. Got a very nice Rye Sourough Loaf with mine which was really lovely as bread for a few days and still usable for toast today (6 days later!)
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    The 30% Happy Hour, is that a regular thing? I never used the lidl app after downloading months ago because it never seemed to have much, but I’d make use of a bakery offer if it was recurring
    Yes its on every day
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    Had this once many weeks ago, not currently, so likely account specific. Didn't ultilise either way.
    Got it this week.
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    The 30% off bakery items is available to everyone everyday after 7 PM, the free bakery item you’ll get it after spending £50 at Lidl within the same month, and you’ll get £10 voucher after spending £200 in the same month. You just need to use the Lidl plus app every time you shop at Lidl (edited)
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    I presume you got this because you spent over £50 over this month? Everyone Lidl app member has this if spent over £50 over a month.
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    Not really a deal
    Prompted me to check my app , I have a £10 off min £10 spend
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    I've not got this on my app BUT a friend got this deal! So some people out there do get it! Worth checking
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