FREE bingo today BETWEEN 11-11 @ MECCA BINGO

    mecca bingo online have a room with free bingo today

    low prize amounts and loads of players but hey its free!!!

    Lucky for some room between 11-11


    Original Poster

    I can't see this on the site:?

    Just registered and nothing there

    Just seen one free game 18.05 and then 2300hrs so its really going to fill up quick.

    Original Poster

    its definately there

    lucky for some room

    from 11 - 11 12 hours of free bingo

    just logged in workd fine thanks for the tip:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    your welcome

    good luck


    just logged in workd fine thanks for the tip:thumbsup:

    where are the free games. I am logged in now and can't see them:?

    Just gone onto play bingo and there are some free games. thanks op

    In the "lucky for some" room

    thanks lou! :thumbsup:

    Well its full i cant get in

    keep trying i got back in after 4th attempt

    Im in thank god!!! Anyone won anything yet???

    Original Poster

    not yet lol but as you can only have one free strip per game everyone has an equal chance and nothing to lose!

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    you gotta laugh at the people who are constantly complaining on there

    ...ive not won...its a fix...prize money ****....too many players....

    jeeezzzzzzz its freeeee some people are never happy

    thanks for this not won anything though

    i won £5

    Original Poster

    well done

    keep getting this

    Sorry, we're full!

    You will automatically be redirected to the homepage in 10 seconds. Unfortunately our bingo is full, and we are unable to process your login.

    If you have pre-purchased tickets, your games will still play and any winnings will be credited to your account.

    We will shortly be re-directing you back to the homepage, where you may try again to access the bingo client

    yeah i had that a few times but i'm in now

    seen how many players there are for each game ,,,,,,,,,about 2700:w00t:

    thought it was hard enough with about 25 to 30
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