Free Bingo tonight @ Skybet.com

Found 6th Mar 2008
There is free bingo every thursdays from 6pm till midnight!!!

Just thought i would let you know as i just got email.


Okay.... how does it work?? Do you have to put any funds in to start with, etc...

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Nope no funds needed as im in there :-D

Cool! C u there!:thumbsup:

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Copy of email i have


Every Thursday night from 6pm - midnight you can enjoy playing the fabulous bingo games on offer in the Sky Bingo Party Room and it won’t cost you a single penny!

There are loads of games, prizes and chances to win - and it couldn't be easier to join in! Simply log into Sky Bingo using your Sky Bet account details and visit the Party Room to play completely FREE!

Don't miss out on Free Ticket Thursday - Get the Party Started Now!

anyone got link ?

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I'm just trying to register and it tells me I have to deposit at least £5 to register...

False alarm! They just wanted a deposit limit (I chose £5) I'm in there now...:thumbsup:

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LOL!! I was gonna say...they are conning you lol....enjoy and win lots if you can hehe

That's me sorted for the evening! Hopefully a win on the way! Rep left amcol!:thumbsup:

sweet, cheers for the heads up.

same layout as Ladbrokes bingo.. where i have won over 300 quid! =]


Thanks - Playin now!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm there now, good free bingo, only prob is that there are 290 players!!!:w00t:

anyone won anything yet? Ive just gone to sign up only to find i already have a skybet account??? weird!!!

Have not won a bean.. bit boring after a while, still free bingo... not to be sniffed at!!:thumbsup:

How many of us are actually on now?? Sorry if I freaked you out superdavy!!!!:oops:


Not won yet!!! But you could win £18507 if you get a full house is 33 numbers!!
Not bad for free, lol

I keep getting server error

maybe it's because I'm on virgin media


I'd settle for a £5 win

nice one, i'm in there now. + rep

For a laugh- see how many members can post messages on the chat board thingy with hukd in the message!

won a grand...............£1.50!!!!!!

HUKD gang bang going on in the bingo tonight! haha

ha see theres plenty of us there!!

im in there as bluelaser- wouldnty let me use this name the fussy sods!!


im in there as bluelaser- wouldnty let me use this name the fussy sods!!

ha so its you camper boy!! LOL! Hows the camper going??

davvvvvy for me mwhaha

Sound thanks! Gettin ready for the Easter weekend- gonna hit Bournemouth if the weather's nice!!!

anyone in there add Davvvvvy to buddies .. get in the hukd private chat

GO ON! £2.50 haha


GO ON! £2.50 haha

I dunno- money goes to money!!

for the people who were there.. i still get to play if im not online haha my money isnt wasted

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Glad some of you managed a small win!! Dont forget next Thursday night!

Anyone up for bingo tonight?? Davy?? Only prob is not sure I can remember my username!
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