Free Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Character code PS3 + Xbox 360

    So here the deal,

    I have x7 bioshock 2 multiplayer character codes for the playstation 3 and x4 for the xbox 360

    Ziggo, the fisherman and Blanche, the actress…jpg

    If you want one post your interest and ill pick names out at random,

    One per person ONLY

    And ill let this run until tomorrow night at 8 and send the codes out tomorrow night after that


    Original Poster

    am entering for my son! (xbox)


    sure (xbox)

    Yes please, xbox 360.

    Interested in Xbox 360

    Would love an xbox one.

    Count me in


    I'd like them for the xbox 360 please.

    Ps3 please!!

    Very generous of you, for the xbox please. Thanks

    Would love an xbox one

    Repped already :P

    count me in - xbox


    Xbox please, repped for the generosity

    Im in
    xbox plz

    360 please

    Xbox 360, sir!

    Would you kindly count me in:thumbsup:

    PS3 please

    Can i have one for the 360 please. Thanks.

    X360 please

    Out of interest, how'd you get so many?


    ps3 please




    If i strike gold then 360 please.

    intrested in xbox 360 one. Thanks.

    Please can I be entered for a PS3 one. Thank-you!

    Love Bioshock, in the middle fo trying to complete the first one on Survivor, getting mauled by big daddies! If I don't have a shedfull of flac grenades it's just impossible!

    Sure I'll enter. Either platform is good, thanks

    360 please

    Yes please xbox

    Im in please, Xbox for me!
    Loving this game at the moment! Remembered how i dealt with the Daddies in the first game!

    I'll enter for the 360 version if that's OK! =D

    Yes please! Xbox for me too - thanks :-)

    Very kind of you. Xbox version would be great.

    I would love a new character for the 360 please.

    360 please thanks

    Enter me for the 360 vesion please

    360 Please Very kind

    PS3 please, :-) thanks

    Original Poster

    sorry for the delay people, these codes will be sorted out tomorrow, thanks to everyone whos posted, ill post the winners tomorrow

    Dont forget me ! Cheers ! (360)

    (Ps3) thanks


    soo who got the codes?
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