Free Borderlands DLC code to anyone who wants it!

    Free Borderlands DLC code to anyone who wants it i won it and have no need for it.

    The DLC includes the following eight weapons of megalomaniacal brilliance for use in Borderlands' post-apocalyptic, Mad Max inspired game world:

    * Mordecai's BLR4-BIA Cruel Swatter
    * LB30-BIA Vicious Thunder
    * Roland's BLR-BIA Bad Repeater
    * CR30-BIA Deathly Stomper
    * Lilith's TK4-BIA Bad Repeater
    * TD22-OP4 Relentless SMG
    * Brick's RF-BIA Repeater
    * SG10-XX Angry Shotgun


    Ill take it mate please?

    Original Poster

    pm sent

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