Free 'cable' font

    can anyone help, I'm looking for a type font that looks like an electric cable, nearest I've found is 'rope' ones, but they're a bit ropey (groan) I've tried da-font & a few others, but nothing showing when searching for the obvious.

    basically want to be able to write something that looks like it's electric cable / wire (or similar)

    is anyone aware of a fonts that meets this requirement? would be much appreciated.


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    this kinda thing ??

    pretty much thanx, though had visualised something a bit looser, more handwriting ish but where you could see the 'cable' laid over itself.

    how do you download those ones though??

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    also need to appear continuous, as if it's a single cable!

    u could use green and yellow earth wire type fill for it .

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    thanks muchly, the toothpaste on is just about spot on. but sadly not free!! lol

    thanks a lot for your help though.
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