Free cake at cafe nerro

Found 10th Sep 2015
I got a freebie email from natwest cashplus which gives me a code for a free cake at caffe nero. Here is the offer

Birthday menu
• Raspberry and white chocolate muffin
• Lemon poppy seed muffin
• Blueberry muffin
• Triple Belgian chocolate muffin
• Praline ganache muffin
• Spiced apple and pecan muffin
• Reduced fat cranberry & orange muffin
• Reduced fat blueberry muffin
• Sicilian lemon cheesecake
• Chocolate fudge cake
• Red velvet cake
• Cappuccino cake
• Almond torta
• White & dark chocolate cheesecake
• Caramel shortcake
• Carrot and raisin cake
• Granola bar
• Belgian chocolate brownie

Is it worth getting to a store? Anyone got any idea how big the cake is? Is it a proper cake or a mini one?

I have never been to caffe nero so have no idea what their cakes are like.
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I would guess it would be a slice of cake
how far do you have to travel out of your way?
i dont know but i cant wait to find out!
what a life you live mutters

I would guess it would be a slice of cake

i don't think i will bother then.

how far do you have to travel out of your way?

no out of way but i am wondering if i could be bothered to go into the coffee shop at lunch time to collect it if it is a slice of cake as i don't fancy muffins much.
you should go if it is not out of your way, if you dont fancy it when you get it then give it to a homeless person. win win
Awful lot of simple questions a toddler wouldn't struggle answering from the OP.
was any cake eaten? please update us on how the other half live!
here is the original poster at Cafe Nero


Full of gypsies them places, steer clear
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