Free call forwarding

    im looking for somewhere where i can get a free number what i can use to forward calls to another number. like a service but without me paying but the caller pays for calling.

    anyone know of anything

    i've tried

    but when i try to validate account it says

    We are sorry, but due to unprecedented demand, there are no Numbers available at the moment - please try again later


    can you not just set a call divert up from another sim?

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    i would have to top up and keep that sim active


    i would have to top up and keep that sim active

    if you get a virgin sim, checking your balance by ringing 789 is classed as activity and keeps it active, also its free to get yr voicemail messages. I do this and honestly I think its a really good option.

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    thank's i'll see if i can pick one up cheap. Cheers
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