FREE: Call of Duty: World of War Beta XBOX 360

    I have another COD 5 Beta and I am a believer in Karma so would like to give this for free to someone on HDUK and hopefully you too will do something nice for someone else,

    To make it fair, I wont give it to the first person that posts but add your name below and I will pick someone at random later in the day, off to PO and gym so when I come back, I will email a XBOX 360 user the code.

    If you have one please dont request it and sell it or the like,

    You can add me dcarty if you want a game aswell

    You could buy some of my items here…id/

    that would be good karma
    - eco21


    name down

    please add me too thanks

    me please

    yes please

    please consider me too

    me to pretty please

    me too plz

    add me too please, rep added for the gesture either way

    me 2 please


    this is a carrot / donkey senario just give it to one of the people who have already posted

    add me down please.

    Zeb7 - please add this name as well

    and me please

    put down me but its for someone else

    id like to try it please

    can you add me please

    wow i think this is a fantastic concept!!! maybe it will start off a trend.... ie the person selected then posts up something that he is willing to give on!!!

    please add my name too!!


    me too my m8 could really do with this


    Like the thinking behind this thread put my name down please.. love cod games! :thumbsup:

    yes please add me AWOODHALL2003!

    Go on then i'll jump on this too ..add me please dude

    please add me to this

    seen a few scum bags selling these for 20 a pop on ebay.scummers

    Please add me, as I am always playing cod 4. Thanks

    add me too please

    OOOOOOH! Pik me pik me! Thanks


    and me please

    I've already got one thanks so don't put my name down, just don't give it to the guy I've quoted, he's already tried to flog a few :thumbsup:…le/…634

    me too.x

    Original Poster


    Back from gym and PO, going to go to a random number generator and produce a number between 1-30 (the number of posts that there have been)

    If I produce post 14, then sorry your not getting it, considering youve tried to sell them, then asking for a free one, bad karma dude

    I will post a screenshot of the random number and the winner can contact me

    Hope you enjoy it

    Original Poster

    sorry to the others who didnt get it, if I get another one I will do this again,

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