Free calls forever - free skype, free 3-3 minutes, something fishy?

Been trying to work this out, why are three giving so much stuff free forever? Free calls forever, how are they ever gonna make any wonga?


Simple, its a case of being competitive with the bigger players such as O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile etc.....3 have their own infrastructure maximised for using data efficiently.....Skype, MSN and 3 minutes all work within their own capacity levels at no cost so they can offer it as a free incentive to customers.....

the downside is that you shouldnt use your sim in a 2G phone otherwise 3 will prob cut you off, the reason for this is that every time a 3 customer uses the 2G network, 3 gets charged for it.

All 3 are trying to do is gain a wider customer base by offering useful incentives that makes them a viable competitor.

I am a 3 customer and use the free Skype and MSN all the no cost may I add

The Skype calls are brilliant my wife has an 02 phone and whenever she is at home she uses FRING on her mobile (via WIFI) to call me for free to my SKYPE account.

Free 3 to 3 calls to me add no value as I do not know anybody on 3.

But as a PAYG phone you get 150mb (of internet) for free for 90days and 600texts if you topup online £10 so not bad.

The downside is the 2G thing which is a real pain specially if you leave in an area which is borderline between 3G and 2G like me. The phone will always try to stay with the 3G signal even when it can get one. A real pain.

Overall I get more that what I loose so not bad. But check the coverage before you get into a long contract, you can get a Free PAYG SIM .
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