free card for carers to go to the cinema

Found 8th Nov 2008
anybody know about this card and how i can apply for one for my nephew. he has been awarded benifits due to his disabilities. i remeber seeing on the freebies page that you could apply for a card that ment a carer could get into the cinema for free with you should the disabled person wish to go to the cinema. its gone now. thanks for reading this
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Ask your local council.

When I worked for the council, we could go to the cinema, swimming, bowling etc free.

Some places don't even need to see the card.
not sure but this may be what you are looking for…ea/
Rep to Bitsey for finding the link and to Craig for posting the query.
I wasn't even aware of this scheme.
Yes I`ve got one for my son.They cost £5 and they last for about 3 years.

Look them up...CEA CARD on the internet

link above to website,you can download a application form here as well

costs £5 and you need to be in reciept of DLA
I support a guy to go to cineworld cinemas and they should give your nephew a card that allows free entry for a carer, although, he would still have to pay to get in each visit. Just ask at the cinema and he'll get it no bother I'm sure. :thumbsup:
I have one, costs £5.50 for 3 years - go to the cinema once and it has already paid for itself.

Its a CEA card, and not all cinemas accept it. Have used it at VUE and Odeon without a problem, and all the staff seem to know what it is. Showcase cinemas dont accept it though. Oh and it has your pic on it, so dont need any other ID or anything when you use it
showcase joined the scheme a few months ago.
scoobydoobydooo;3409285 above to website,you can download a … above to website,you can download a application form here as wellcheersscooby

thats the one scooby, thanks so much,wee man will be chuffed, sorry will translated, my nephew will be very happy, ecstatic almost.
dmissy13;3409301 £5 and you need to be in reciept of DLA

hes on middle rate, cheers for the info.

showcase joined the scheme a few months ago.

will investigate all possibilities. thanks for yur time. do you need to know anything?
Just to add, if you are disabled and on DLA etc then most places like theme parks, zoos and attractions which you have to pay for, allow a 'carer' in free, or at discount, with a disabled person though they don't usually advertise it and you have to ask. That's on top of the usually reduced admission for the disabled person. Keep a copy of the DLA form on you as that is all they need as evidence of entitlement if you don't look particularly disabled. The carer can be anyone accompanying them.

showcase joined the scheme a few months ago.

can comfirm showcase take them as i took my daughter there last week,,also used at cineworld…asp Link to webpage that you can put your postcode in to find cinema's in your area that accepts the cea card

My local showcase doesnt accept it according to the search by postcode thing

Doesnt matter anyway, the odeon is a much nicer cinema, local showcase really needs some £ spending on it
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