Free cheeseburger on January 31 @ McDonald's using app

Posted 6th Jan
Free cheeseburger on January 31 at McDonald's using app

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Confirmed here

"McDonald's is yet to reveal the rest of the freebies and deals for the month, but has confirmed that it will culminate the month with free cheeseburgers on January 31."…tml
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Hopefully they've fixed the numerous app issues by then.
Its not quite free cheeseburgers on the 31st mate, its actually a free cheeseburger for any new signups till the 31st of this month - a deal that was posted earlier…474

See this…9p/

Maccies has also confirmed its free cheeseburger offer is back until January 31, for new users of the McDonald's app.

To get the free cheeseburger, worth 99p, you must not have made a purchase on the McDonald's app before.
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A few days ago, I saw somewhere they had released the offers for this whole month week. Tomorrow is a free item, then following that, it will be a discounted item (can't remember what these items are now!) . On Friday, it's free Fries Friday again (like last November). Can someone please confirm (McDonald's employee perhaps)... Or am I going mad because I can't find it anywhere now (online or in the app) !!
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