Free COD world at war beta code

    hi I have another COD world at war beta code that i'm giving away, the code will allow you access to multilayer on xbox live

    Only condition is you must be a member for more then 3 months and have a reasonable post count, only reason for this is when I gave the tomtom camera codes away alot of new members were pm'ing for codes who didn't have the decency to even say thanks.

    so first one to reply in the thread who meets the above will get it


    can i shotgun it please?!

    Please could I have it please?

    beta still going? when does it end?

    I wouldn't mind it if its still available. I will say thanks. I promise !!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:

    i take it please, if you really have no need for it

    Original Poster

    Hi sorry everyone else, code has been given to sheep87 as s/he was first one to reply. if i get anymore i'll pm the codes in order to who has replied first. so jonny_k, then abvance and so on

    OK Thanks anyway

    Thanks very much, I look forwards to playing!! any ideas when it expires?

    Original Poster

    I think world at war comes out nov 11th so probably up to then

    i have a code 0.99p to my paypal below and will send asap
    [email protected]
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