Free CokeZone Codes

I will PM 3 CokeZone codes for the person that tells me the best reason as to why they should have them.

Will consider from the first 6 posts only.

Good Luck!



Because I like the Beatles

because I love coke


I love chickens

Because im worth it X)
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because I am feely poorly today and it would put a smile on my face- thank you x

Because i would give them to the guy earlier who has been saving up!

Because my hubby has just been diagnosed with cancer! And we are saving for the xbox!

because the first 6 posters comments were rubbish and i deserve them!

Because i dont want them and wont use the codes.

Plus it will make others angry

because I want the codes so i can exchange the item for my daughter, i know im past the 6th post but its the truth .. lol

Original Poster

Have considered all 10 because I am nice.

In joint third place were:-
mai - Too much coke is not good for you.
DLM - Chicken and coke do not mix.
DIVA1977 - I am sure you are worth it, so I sure someone else will give you a code.
retep - Get better soon. No coke until you are are better. Only soup.
geegee-pinta - I will give them directly, but thanks for trying to reduce my workload.
s_paul - Sorry, all posts are very deserving.
Starr - Surely, you don't really want to go upsetting anyone do you.
zerowing - Would you really exchange an item for your daughter? I won't tell social services!

And in second place:-
KillFelix - You came real close. Any fan of the Beatles is alright in my book. Better luck next time.

And the winner is:-
sammyj7 - Hope your hubby gets better real soon. Have some codes to help towards your xbox.

Thank you all for taking part.
Another post in a few days, so get your thinking caps on.

It honestly was for my daughter,
But gotta giv u credit for ur generosity

I didn't really want them, although gonna look into it now

Do the points have an expiration date or will coke zone ever stop?

Thinking about starting to save my points

Thank you very much from me and my hubby xx

Sammy im just about to join coke zone, would you like to refer me?

Oh yes please

Just need your name and email if u want to pm me?
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