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Found 27th Mar 2006

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Parcelforce Worldwide*, which offers you a FREE collection and delivery of your schools vouchers. This service will be available from the 30 May to 30 June 2006.**

Click here for full terms and conditions.

* If your school decides not to use Parcelforce Worldwide and the process as specified, and instead choose to send your vouchers via a post office or another courier, Sainsburys is unable to reimburse the cost to the school.

** All orders must be received by 30 June 2006 or they will become invalid and hold no monetary value.

To arrange collection, firstly you will need to choose a collection date for your parcel from the list below. You should make a note of the campaign code as youll need it later.

30/05 - code: M30
31/05 - code: M31
01/06 - code: J01
02/06 - code: J02
05/06 - code: J05
6 June - code: J06
7 June - code: J07
8 June - code: J08
9 June - code: J09
12 June - code:J12
13 June - code: J13
14 June - code: J14
15 June - code: J15
16 June - code: J16
19 June - code: J19
20 June - code: J20
21 June - code: J21
22 June - code: J22
23 June - code: J23
26 June - code: J26
27 June - code: J27
28 June - code: J28
29 June - code: J29
30 June - code: J30

Then, simply click here and follow the steps below you may like to print this page out for reference to guide you through the collection request process.

Simple steps to arrange your collection:

1. The link will open the Welcome screen of Parcelforce Worldwides online collection booking system. You should -
a. Select the option I want the driver to bring the labels;
b. Enter the number of parcels you need to send and the total weight of these parcels (please note that 1000 vouchers weighs approx. 700g or 0.7kg);
c. Enter the 3 digit campaign code number for your chosen collection date (as detailed above). Then click on Next to proceed.

2. On the Collection Address screen:
a. Enter your schools postcode in the Collection address section and click on the Complete from postcode button. Select your schools address and click on Continue;
b. Enter a contact name and telephone number (in case we need to contact you);
c. Enter the postcode AK99 9AA in the Delivery Address section and click on the Complete from postcode button. Select the Sainsburys Active Kids address and click on Continue;
d. Click on Next to proceed.

3. On the Service details screen select Parcelforce 48 from the available services and then click on Next. Note: the price for this should be £0.00. If it isnt, some details may have been entered incorrectly and you should start again.

4. On the Despatch details screen.-
a. Select the collection date that you require. It is important that you choose the collection date that relates to the campaign code you entered at the beginning;
b. Select the earliest and latest collection times. Please leave the biggest time window for the collection as possible;
c. Click on the Send details button to proceed.

5. On the Print screen click on the Print my receipt button. This will open a print browser window from which you can print your receipt. You should get the collection driver to sign this. This gives you the tracking number that you can check the delivery of your vouchers here.

6. Once you have successfully printed your receipt, close the print browser and click on Finish to end.

Preparing your parcel
1. Remember to print out your completed online order form or photocopy and complete the order form in the Active Kids catalogue, ensuring that it is enclosed in the parcel with ALL OF THE VOUCHERS required for your order.

2. Please ensure your vouchers are packed in a sturdy box and that it is sealed properly with parcel tape.

3. Finally, you should write the Sainsburys Active Kids address on the parcel, along with the tracking number from your receipt and the name and address of your school.

Tracking your parcel
1. Click here to enter your tracking number and click on Track.
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