Free, Collection Only - Posting is illegal I believe

    Unwanted father in law.
    Pending eviction from Daughter & Son-In-Law (~he doesn't know it yet!!)
    Doesn't like spending his own money.
    Past times include putting the room thermostat up, at no cost to him, then leaving back door open.
    Wasting electricity on playing card games on the computer, whereas a deck of card can be supplied.
    Generaly annoying people - especially me
    Doing nothing all day long. (except whinging)
    Generally whinging about everything,
    (Features too many to list)


    Sounds like my mother-in -law wanna trade?

    you looking for a trade?

    Father-in-law for father-in-law?

    can he decorate if he can ill pick up lol

    is it keith miller????

    Is it Jeremy Clarkson?

    Is it Mike Beaver? Lol. Did you get the control pad etc mate?


    i can see he's a handful. but your feedback is 100% so what is your asking price - i know someone who can ship him anywhere in europe for £120

    seller must state a price


    If U Read The Add It Clearly States " Free , Collection Only "

    The price is in the title - FREE

    he also suggested posting ... so maybe he'd gladly pay to get rid of F-in-L :whistling:

    sorry cant exchange mine, he's too nice

    I'd offer a trade but I'd have to dig my F-I-L up!

    Just leave him out by the bins

    Have you tried Freecycle?

    trade for a clinically insane dalmation?

    serves you lot right for getting married.................

    has he got a free bus pass?

    surely this is more humane than posting

    dont they give out free train passes to OAPs? oh that's ireland, sorry.
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