Free condoms on the NHS or cheap condoms 144 delivered on Amazon Maybe useful for Freshers week

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I know this isn’t a new freebie and the nhs always offer free condoms but I thought this was worth a post as freshers weeks will be happening all over the country and many youngest will have lots of freedom for the first time.

Also useful for anyone who‘s sexually active of course not just students.

Simply pop in your postcode and see what is available near you.

Different area’s offer different types of service for obtaining Free condoms some are collect in person other deliver by post.

Don’t have time to collect and want some cheap condoms straight to your doorstep

Here’s 144 for £12.99 delivered on Amazon…FVP

And yes they do have king size at the same price before you all ask…49G

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144?? You using the other 143 as balloons for a party?
Has anyone ever managed to actually get some on Freshers Week? I remember when I went to University I was expecting Freshers Week and uni to be a free loving sex-fest, turned out to be more like a celibacy fyre festival.
so it sounds like freshers week is a sex festival urgh
trivium21/09/2019 09:43

so it sounds like freshers week is a sex festival urgh

Its not exactly that and I didn’t mean it to come across that way.

Freshers week is for first year uni students and often involves meeting lots of new people and parties as student settle into there new accommodation.

I was thinking more on the lines of the scouts motto ‘always be prepared’

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