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I would like to get one of those free contracts (ie 12 months free on a 12 months contract). I've always wanted to get one of those contracts but was never sure how sure they were.
If anyone could give me a link to a contract with any phone (of course a better phone is better but im not bothered about it), and the most risk-free contract. They all look dodgy to me so i would also like some information to how they work (i have read the threads about some, but i still don't really get it.)
thanks for your help.



The way the majority of these work is CASH-BACK

Basically if the line rental is £10 per month, you pay this and keep the bills.
Then at certain points during ur contract, you send these bills to the company, and they re-imburse ur line rental...hence it's free!!!

However, you need to submit the bills within a certain time-period.
If you are not very organised (like me - lol) then you will probably forget and won't get the cash-back!!!

If you are organised about this, it can work really well for you though

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but i also heard something about having to cancel your contract at some point, and over spending so you have a proof of your 12th month contract?

You can cancel the contract come 30days before the end of your contractual period without penalty.

Over spending isn't necessary where did you hear that?

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was on a thread for a motorolla A1000. Said that o2 wouldnt send the bill unless you overspent or something like that, so to get a bill you'd need to overspend to prove it, as coolnewmobiles wouldn't know when your 365 days were over. (see why im confused?)

So the 12 month free contract is fairly safe then? unless i forget a cash back form im ok?

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anyone know of any good offers?

I think you would be best trying at local independent mobile shops where you live.

The reason for this is because you are able to deal with someone face to face!!!
You don't have to wait for an email, or constantly listen to an engaged tone!

You should be able to find some good offers at these shops...tell them what you want and they should be able to come up with a decent contract for you.

You would then take bills to them to get your cheque (either to go to the shop yourself or post the bill).

If there are any problems, you can always go and see them...

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I have, the online deals turn out to be of better value thought.

Deals online are definitely better value generally, plus you can browse without anyone pressuring you into a dumb contract. Do a search for free contract or go to the front page, select the Mobiles category and then search by price and allt he free contracts should come up.
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