Free Currys/PC World £15million giveaway code

I got extra codes and have no use of them. I have not redeem them yet so i don't know whether there are £5 voucher or something better.

The codes:


You have to redeem it by tomorrow. If you won the £5 voucher, you would need to use it by 24th Dec

Good luck

Merry Xmas

One code per person pls. thanks
- htc_touch_pro


all used

all used

you made a mistake by posting them on an open forum.

would have been nice of the people who used them to say thanks but hey i guess thats the world we live in now
nice idea by th op



you made a mistake by posting them on an open forum.

I suspect they were already used...... obviously if they got used, someone will say thanks....

This should be a members only site, any jo public can view the threads, take a code & get away without even a thankyou to the poster, who spent time & effort posting it, people on here forgot about the many lurkers, who are only on here for themselves.

Only have to look at the stats to see:

9811 Guests / 1816 Members

Thats alot more people on here, who don't take the time or effort to become a member of this site, why I wonder!

Rant over lol
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i agree!

Original Poster

I did not use the code.

Anyway, good luck to whoever that used them.

I got two £5 vouchers if anyone is interested. No way I am going out under this weather.

Just pm me

Original Poster

£ 5 vouchers have been claimed.

I have 3 codes if anyone want them.


I have 3 codes if anyone want them.

Yes please

I wouldnt mind one, my currys had no booklets left.

PMs sent to #12 & #13

i pm'd you, i would like one please


PMs sent to #12 & #13


Thanks a lot, appreciate it! Got a £5 voucher, so that should come in handy.

anyone still have any codes left?

My last one went to #15

Happy Christmas all!


If anyone else has a spare code could they please pm it to me, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I would love a code too if there are any going.

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