Free Daily Mirror on-line gone!

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Found 5th Sep 2016
Hello - the free on-line Daily Mirror finished today - does anyone have a free alternative? I seem to remember there was an app/web site where you get most newspapers free on-line. Does anyone know the details? Thanks Jeff


Newspapers free apps UK on google play. There are also several others too. You can search free UK newspaper in Google play or app store.

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Thanks for quick reply - I was looking for an inter-active newspaper like the Daily Mirror was - puzzles, ads, etc, were inter-active. I think the apps I have seen are more bits from the various newspapers - not the complete paper. Please let me know if I am wrong

I'm not sure that I understand the issue, OP.

I can access the Mirror website - , but I presume from what you have said in your above comment that this isn't what you want to access?

Could you elaborate? Any links?

it was the library website )

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Thanks for all replies - the Daily Mirror app is a copy of the newsprint edition - layout, stories, ads, competitions, etc. It was this type I was looking for - FREE. Most newspaper sites don't do this - either give you bits of news or free 1 months subscription. I have found one that nearly fits the bill - Metro. I was asking if there are others. I have contact my local library from which I get free magazines via Zino - they are looking into it !!!!!!
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