free delivery code for dixons or currys please!!!!

Found 17th Aug 2006
hi does anyone know a free delivery code for currys or dixons. i need it urgently, thanks:roll:
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Tiscali199 still works for Currys, I think, on orders over £199

Tiscali199 still works for Currys, I think, on orders over £199

not working
tried with 2 products
ok, sorry then...
5% discount: YAW288 .. tried it and worked


PERK50 for £50 discount for a product more than £450 (not sure... tried it for £600 spend)


PRFREEDEL for free delivery

Tried the codes with CURRYS... for DIXONS use perkz50dix
You can also get 5% if you have a EGG card

Thanks you Steffcip :thumbsup:

Not sure if you can stack Codes though.
nope, unfortunatley you cant stack codes....not that iev seen anwyay, and also wasnt/isnt there a thread about egg/dixons not honouring the 5% egg discount also using the 5% off code. something about them saying the reserve to amend or withdraw the offer at there discretion with no notice as they think its taking the biccy!??
forget about egg then
you can still use the perk code and on site works both 5% or perk and free delivery
after you order you can call customer service and ask them to check how much you've been charged
Stacking codes is not generally advisable. Orders have been cancelled or charged in full in the past.
PRFREEDEL doesnt work ill try da rest
none of them work on dixons and on currys the 5% one works i still need help any codes for free delivery for currys or dixons. thanks
for me worked all for currys
depends how much the spend is
im buyin headphones which cost £6.99 der on offer
codes don't work with offers sometimes
u sure theres no other coded whihc can help me?
Are you buying something for £6.99 ?

If so, I doubt there is anything active except a cashback.
dont worry i found out they have the item in stock now ill go and collect it. anyways thanks
Well...that was a waste of time:-D
Still,a happy outcome for sarbjeet_:roll:
i am spending 599 pounds and looking for a free delivery code, can anyone help me please. The code PRFREEDEL does not work for me.
have you tried the 5% or £50 off?
yeah they work, but i cant seem to get free delivery and that cost 40 quid, can u help me please
[SIZE=2]probably is best with 1 code so your order will not be cancelled or charged in full[/SIZE]
The free delivery Dixons code has expired unforunately...
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