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Found 6th Mar 2008
Which if any of the big shopping stores do free delivery? (if any)

If none, which is the cheapest for delivery charges?

Doesn't have to be next day or anything - just weekday evening



I think most of them get cheaper if not free the more you spend. Tesco often do voucher codes if you spend over £50 but i think its to existing customers.

I don't think any offer "free" delivery but there are usually vouchers on here for free delivery at Asda when you spend £50

Iceland. Trouble is you have to go instore and pick your own shopping, then they deliver it free (£25 min afaik).


Tesco does delivery from £3.75

Gotta love the way companies use the word 'From"......



Ocado has free delivery during certain times in the day and there are loads of vouchers around for ten quid off shops of free bottles of wine on a minimum 40 quid spend, good luck!

Somerfield also do free delivery but again you need to shop yourseld. Minimum £25 spend

Asda sometimes free delivery codes flying about,get odd Tesco codes they not flying about as often as in past.Sainsburys very unliekly for code but if they late with your shopping they give you a code for £10 off your next shop,they been late with me once so far.

Oh yeh and on Tues Wed Thurs for deliveries with Sainsburys is £2.50 if you spend £70 or more,last yr it was free but they decided to make it half price on deliveries on them days.

Hi, apparently you can get £5 off a £50 grocery order when you make your first shop at Tesco. This covers the £5 delivery charge and I believe that once you sign up they will send you furtehr vouchers via e-mail etc. Hope it works
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