Free Dell Laptop (if you can find it) (Southampton)

Saw this and thought it would be deal of the year if you were one of the lucky 50! Okay so its limited to 50 people, but apparently its running in other cities around the UK.

"Dotted around the streets of Southampton tomorrow will be 50 very good reasons to keep your eyes peeled.

Because hidden away in 50 locations across the city will be stashed almost £50,000 worth of laptops and software - and it can be yours for absolutely nothing."

good luck, fun starts at 8.30am - i'll be up early!



Thanks for posting here LuKeNuKuM, welcome to HUKD

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no worries, good to be here! like the site! :thumbsup:

This is a great deal - sorry competition.

I found it too!

But I can't vote it hot here in this section, so hardly anyone is going to see it.

The thing I love about HOTUKDeals is that something can get great exposure REALLY QUICKLY and this would have been BIG!!!

Anyone I'm just glad I live in Southampton, so I'm going to be in town nice and early!

Ta :thumbsup:


Really good! Wish I lived in Southampton!

its also running in Manchester, Birmingham, and Newcastle. none near me unfortunately


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yeah, i did try originally posting it as a deal but was advised to put it here. i suppose technically it's not a 'deal deal' but could be seen as a quirky deal.

some might say that deals where only the first x amount of bods get to benefit should also be edited to another category... hmm, one to ponder.

still, good luck to anyone who's up for the challenge tommorrow! how hard can it be to find one of 50 laptops in a small-ish city centre? im sort of intrigued as to how it will pan out... any bloke with a largish box better be on his guard tommorrow before it turns into a huge pile-on.


Wonder if they can be done for littering .... :-/

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