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    Just thougt I would let people know about a free Djing software I found (for those who have always thought of trying their luck with Djing). Looks quite good from the description. But I don't know how good it is for sure. Feel free to suggest better free softwares if you know more.
    The link is by the way


    Moved to Miscellaneous forum as software downloads aren't generally allowed in Freebies or Deals

    whot is the free djing software

    Winamp has a pretty nifty Random function. Gets my vote.


    whot is the free djing software I think

    Robotochan;2472722 I think

    i googled but it didnt come up with the free software, i have had a go with virtual dj its only free from the usual sites :whistling:

    i use virtual dj when i dj,got it with the hercules mk ii controller nice piece of kit

    no link??

    i use virtual dj too with the hercules mk1... really must upgrade.

    atomix is a kinda free to use version and is ok for the casual bedroom dj.…tml

    Pah, i use two turntables and vinyl :thumbsup:

    i can timecode vinyl in traktor :>

    ..but that aside :VINYL IS DEAD:

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    Sorry mised out the link for some reason. Have now added it
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