Free Domain name and hosting??

Found 6th Aug 2009
I seem to remember a while ago Mircosoft were offering free domain names and hosting through their live program. I can't find this anymore so I guess they don't do it anymore.

Anyway, am looking for a free site if possible, what's the best name I can get? Am I gonna have to get something like…her.

Or can I do much better than £10 every 2 years, that's about the best I can see.

Thanks, rep given as usual!
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ive been thinking about going for ]this
its not free but seems like a good price to me
cheap domains for entry level webbers, im sure you could pick up a bargain there, its where i got my first few domains from before i went for more better options, im sure .info are like 50p or something and .com from there like £3-4
From what I can see here:…ing

It's £10.99 every 2 years, £5.50 a year. With free web hosting. Don't think I'll find much better?…gb/

£9 setup fee but £10 quidco, years hosting & domain included, £1 profit.....
jtx;5950040£9 setup fee but £10 quidco, years h …£9 setup fee but £10 quidco, years hosting & domain included, £1 profit.....

Had totally forgot about cashback being available to bring the price down!

Extra special rep coming your way!
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