free download of windows xp,

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Found 2nd Dec 2007
My disc for windows xp is badly damaged, is there a way to download the info onto a disc from a web site, if so what kind of disc (ie a cd or dvd one) thanks for any help xx

ps. also looking for a very cheap computer cover - pref in a girly cover, thanks again


There's various ways to get a new disc. How did you get your WinXP disc? Buy it from a shop, get it with a PC? If you got it with a PC, from which manufacturer?

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got it with a pc from ideal computers about 5 years ago, so don't think i would have luck with them, I have my code but just needed the software to re install onto the computer , ta

As long as its legit, download it via a torrent and use your normal key.

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what is the correct torrent website, i googled torrent but there is different ones, is it [SIZE=-1][/SIZE]

Have a read through this thread on how to use and search torrents


It will explain how to download from torrent sites

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thanks, x

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way too complicated for me, i'll just buy a disc off of fleabay, thanks though,


Even more complicated is using your i386 folder in c:\windows if you haven't deleted it. Cheaper than buying an OEM version off ebay that probably won't even work with your serial number. Just a word of warning on that.

No point buying a disc off fleabay - it's commercial piracy, and that's a bad thing. Shall drop you a PM in a minute.

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]i386 folder in c:\windows
I've not got a clue on what that means, lol, i honestly don't have a clue to downloading things and setting up files and such on a computer and don't want to do something wrong with this computer i'm on just to fix the old one, thanks for your help though, if ebay is such a bad idea i'll just go to a shop and get them to re install windows onto it again (£35 quid)


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rep to all, for your info, and thanks again guys xx
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