Posted 24th Oct 2019
Internet Security Fundamentals

Level: Beginner to Intermediate - eBook (updated monthly)

Author: nick ioannou

Antivirus software is now incredibly advanced, yet every day thousands of people fall for email phishing scams and are tricked into installing malware, the same way that a sophisticated alarm system and door security is not much use if you open the door to let a criminal in.

Split into 'Stuff you need to know' and 'Things you need to do', this illustrated 188 page eBook explains why you cannot just rely on technology, due to the various scams and tricks used by cyber criminals. It is an easy to understand guide of the most commonly faced security threats any user is likely to come across via email, social media and online shopping. Because now, one wrong click can cost you a lot of money and inconvenience.…ks/

Also includes free monthly updates with new content as the threats evolve. Please note, this book is aimed at everyday users, it is not aimed at people studying professional security certifications like CISSP.
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