Free electrical/electronic recycling in store @ Currys

Posted 30th Nov 2019…tml

I knew they offered recycling when delivering new goods but I wasn't aware they'd take your old appliances and recycle them for free in store

Free recycling in-store
Whenever you like, and without buying anything new, you can also take to your local Currys PC World store any electricals or electronics you no longer want for free recycling . We accept everything from computers to toasters, and floor cleaners to TVs, whether bought from us or someone else.

Recycling conditions
Please make sure any large appliance you pass to us for recycling is in a fit state. Fridges or freezers should be defrosted, with no water left inside.
If we’re recycling on delivery, it’s important we don’t damage your home. So in some cases it may be we can’t remove your unwanted kit. Examples include an unmovable appliance, seized-up taps, and an appliance hard wired into a fused spur.
With recycling on delivery, we can only guarantee to remove a large appliance that’s roughly the same size as the one we’re delivering. Or one that’s smaller. However, we’re always keen to please, and provided we have space on our truck, we’ll take away an appliance that’s larger than the one we’re delivering.
If the manufacturer is delivering your new appliance direct, they’ll only recycle like for like – for example, if you’re receiving a new fridge freezer, they’ll only take a fridge freezer.
If you’re bringing a PC, tablet, laptop or mobile phone to recycle, please ensure any personal data is removed first. Otherwise, there’s our data wipe service for computers.
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