Free entry to Blackpool Tower and circus

Found 16th Sep 2009
If you work for the emergency services, you will receive completely free entry to the Blackpool Tower. Just ask on the door. I went on 15/09/09 and asked if they did emergency services discount. To my surprise it wasn't a discount, it was completely free. They will require you to show your ID and they will print your tickets off, allowing entry to the circus and the tower. I went with my partner and we were both given tickets. I'm not sure how many tickets you will get. I doubt if you turn up with a coach load that you will all get free entry.
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Yeah, i don't get it either?


That's a bit cruel and unnecessary!

I think the emergency services do a great job, and a hard one at that, I do not begrudge them free entry to Blackpool Tower and circus.
He didn't ask for a freebie, he asked for a discount - and it turns out he was eligable, that's Blackpool Tower's choice and I know if most of the people on here were eligable they would choose free entry Vs paying.
This is a deals website, and this is a deal.
How can it be scrounging when its a valid discount/freebie:?

check it out in the brother is a fireman and is always … check it out in the brother is a fireman and is always trying to get discounts here and there and free this and free that - scrounger.

Thanks, but my English is sufficient enough for me to know the meaning of the word scrounger, my response was to the OP being called one unnecessarily.

I for one think our emergency services do a bloody good job, and I would never begrudge them discounts or freebies.

Maybe you should ask your brother what it's like for him when his department is called too late to save a family stuck in their burning house. Then see if you think he's a scrounger.



what a mean thing to say!

i think things like this are great for those that risk their life everyday to save others.

My friends a fireman and sometimes gets affected by what he has to endure, i know its part of their job but maybe this small token of apprication can go some way to say thanks.

Maybe more places should do this for what are everyday heros


Technically thats trolling :w00t::?

Thanks for the tip.

Technically thats trolling :w00t::?Thanks for the tip.

i thought they were just being a tit:thumbsup:

How can it be scrounging when its a valid discount/freebie:?

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