free eyetest?

    i need one of those please.



    Don't know where you live Morales but if you are in Scotland then eye tests are now free

    Go to Asda and get their free magazine. Voucher in it for free eye test this month. Also D& A also have free tests I think. See here.


    It is worth taking the time to do search on this site re opticians. There is a lot of info about the ridiculous prices opticians charge for glassess. Lots of online companies also doing glassess

    I was about to ask the same question...

    Unfortunately, I don't have an ASDA near me, and all the D&A offer seems to have expired...

    Any one know any other offers?

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    i dont have asda near me either, i dont think theres one within a 20 mile radius lol.

    i know i used to get free eye tests when i bought a parking ticket, but i just threw those away.

    specsavers do them for full time students under 19, how will that work? its on the NHS

    You have to fill in a form to be eligble for help with dental / optical / prescription costs when over 18 (and not getting benefits) but can prove still at college / Uni. ? means tested, not sure. The form is a H something. Colleges etc should have them

    You may be lucky morales, PM me your email address and i will send you my voucher for D&A free eye test as it is valid until the 1st of June.

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    wow that would be great. thanks a lot, just going to send a pm.

    If there are any others out there... ;-)

    Sorry robb i have only got the one!!

    try this eye test - ]HERE
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