Free Felix Kitten pack 12 x 100g up to the value of £5 with printable voucher in link

Posted 4th Jan 2022
Must print coupon take in to store value until 31/03/2022…pdf

ThisvoucherentitlesthecustomertoonefreeFelixKiten packuptothevalueof£5.Nottobeusedinconjunction withanyotheroffer.Limitedtoonepercustomer.Offer
validfrom 23rdNovember2021to31stMarch2022.
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    What store is this valid?
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    From what I gather all major retailers should accept it
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    I got some kitten cat food with voucher went to till only to be told voucher was blocked and refused to give me cat food why would they give u a voucher only to block it?
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