Free Fifa 18 Fut coins 150k

Found 11th Oct 2017
i have around 150k coins to give away i done with this game as it just get lag most games even thow my conection is 60/20 with 4 ping and no one else using my net.

i have 110k avaible now plus need sell rest my players etc should easy get 40k more for for you.

first one to reply can have and we can go fron ther .

please note you may rist having acount warned banned etc so its your risk use a 2nd account reconmended? its up to you how want go about it.
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Yes please
Caroline_199339 s ago

Yes please

​ok do want add me on xbox and go from ther
hello ,
Have you tried opening ports on your router so reduce lag?…18/

Just google it, loads of guides on there. But of you want to get rid of coins i will gladly take a few off you!
hi carline not replyed so can have if want

i tried allsorts had same problem last 10 years or so only on fifa and pes
my conection is infected with laggers lol
I had the same thing with only fifa, it was Port related too. Try testing it by putting the op address of the Xbox in the DMZ of your router. Then if it works you can find out the ports you needed open
still 90k give away
Ill take some please
Me please!
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